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These styrofoam pencils, you’ve been looking at me
Through a keyhole, in a minor key
In the luxury dollhouse, these brains, they’ll never be free
In the notes you keep hearing so long where you stay out of key

To wish I could shake them, heavily to the bone
With my face in ink, we blot out the monotone
So undeluded, transparent feasts and cologne
And I nightmare of cadencing somewhere I’ll stay on my own

You could live without it like hummingbirds in tune
And I’ll try to give myself (just as heavy as you)

There’s something between us, smoke from these cigarettes
Love is for knowing these things are just silhouettes
I saw in the window, their heads were off, silver church minarets
Where they’re so in denial that everyone’s set in one key

We’re waiting to be

If I could just hold you onto the floor someday
With no need to hear all the struggling things I could say
I could tell you in a minute, from sideways eyes, and the colors you see
Where I nightmare of cadencing somewhere I’ll stay out of key

You could live without it like hummingbirds in tune
And I’ll try to give myself just as heavy as you
They’ll say that I don’t know them, but darling I think I do
Maybe I can’t love it all quite as heavy as you

We could be wizards, alone in the minor key
And then I collapse in an infinite daze at your feet
The styrofoam pencils run around and they burn up the trees
And then I collapse in a nightmare that’s way out of key

The luxury dollhouse, the butler looks at the moon
And I watch him collapse like a hummingbird out of tune
I could pretend pretty well and sometimes I certainly do
But girl if I’m honest I’ll never be free of you

We could live without it, they mostly know that it mostly is true
And they’ll never know you now just like I think I do
Maybe there’s nobody who does the things that they say that they do
(What if I never fall in love quite as heavy as you)

And all the portrait artists and senators, they retired to drink what they could
And I used to love but I used to never be good
They drink golden vodka and metaphors, they hate silence and want to be new
And they’re full of nothing the way that I’m full with you

And you could live without it, it’s the way we were and we know it was beautiful too
In my lifetime darling I’ll never be free of you
And really I do love you, I wish you’d trust me because really my darling I do
And I don’t know how to convince you that honey it’s true

And you could live without it like silhouettes and a silence that grows every day on the hill
But they wouldn’t get it all; darling I know you will
We could like together like lightning rods so embarrassed we suddenly learned how to kill
Like a hummingbird, where they want to always be still

All these fire eaters and parasites, full of longing they’ll never grow old enough to instill
Burning fairy dust and desire to ever be still
You could tune your piano like Beethoven where you last forever and people say that you’ll always be new
In my lifetime darling I’ll never be tired of you

And if we fall together will you rely on me still
And what if I don’t love you the way that you think I will

And there’s nothing more to love than a vision it’s true
There’s nothing more and there’s nothing left for us too

And we could live without it and most of them certainly do
What if I never love someone quite as heavy as you


from Other Ways To Be Apart, Volume 1, released October 4, 2019


all rights reserved



underorder New York, New York

underorder is the avant indie project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Zucker. underorder sets simple folklike melodies within dense, evocative soundscapes and epic compositions.

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